FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an escape room?
An escape room is a room that you enter in which you need to solve several puzzles to escape. You gather hints, clues and codes to unlock locks and ultimately the exit door. You get a certain amount of time in which you need to escape, usually 60 minutes. The cocktail of time pressure, the puzzles, creativity and collaboration is the reason that it is a popular activity among colleagues and groups of friends throughout the whole of the Netherlands and abroad. Are you curious to know more? There are a lot of online tips & tricks about how to escape an escape room.

What is an online escape room?
The online escape room is a virtual version of an escape room. You enter a digital room. This digital room you can see on your screen on your computer. You don’t gather information by searching with your hands, but by clicking on the images in your browser. You can’t see your colleagues or friends standing in the room, but you will hear them talk through the video conferencing platform and you will exchange information this way and through the chat. It’s not only a good playful practice for digital collaboration, its above all an energetic and exciting experience that you go through with your colleagues. You’ll play this escape room in groups of around 5 persons. If multiple groups of your company play you will get an internal competition. Which team is able to escape the fastest?

What is the theme of this online escape room?
Usually escape rooms have a certain theme or story that they are telling. It gives more depth and color to the experience. Read what the themes of our two escape rooms are about on the home pages of escapingglobalwarming.com or escapingconspiracies.com

How will we videocall?
We facilitate a videocall platform, google meet. If you prefer to make use of another video call platform you can mention this in your reservation. 

Can we play the online escape room with a big group?
Big is relative, we did not have to sell ‘no’ up and till now. We divide bigger teams in groups of 5 people that can play simultaniously. That way truly everyone can participate and contribute to the problem solving, a nice fun and shared memory will be created, and also a feeling of competition will arise. Which group will escape the fastest?. 

What are the costs involved?
After admitting your sign up form on the reserve now button, we will send the most recent pricing list.

Is your question not on this list?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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